How Raised Food Dishes Are Better for Your Dog.

Does your dog know exactly when its their feeding time? Ours do, little clock work 8:00am and 5:00pm on the dot. They sure love to eat! We have Pockets Beagles, a Maltese Bichon cross, a German Shepard, and a Mastiff, they are all different sizes but their all the same when it comes to food. If your pup is like ours, they will down their food in seconds. We found with Goober our senior Mastiff who passed away this past summer, that he had such pain in his neck and body. Of course, he was older, and we wanted to relief that pain so we investigated raised dog feeders. We found he would eat more and did not shift his body when eating like he did before. In seeing Goober’s relief, we thought about the other dogs. Would this kind of feeder be a good idea for them?

Here is what we found and why we started making them for our Shop,

You can easily google Raised Food Dog Dishes and something like this will come up: “Pros of Raised Food Dog Dishes. Ease of access – Elevated food bowls allow aging and arthritic pets to reach their food more easily. Eating from a raised dish puts less strain on the dog’s back, neck, shoulders, and hips. Some suggest it also makes for better digestion as the posture when eating promotes food movement from mouth to stomach.”

Ok that makes sense, right? Again all great reasons for your senior dog to get a raised feeder but what about the benefits for other dogs and us as a dog owner? Oh yes there are perks for us getting raised food bowls for our dogs too.

Eating is just easier for your dog.

Many owners/shelters using these elevated bowls report, one of the top benefits to using a raised feeder is it makes it easier and more comfortable for your dog to eat.

When your dog does not have to bend their head down to the floor and their food can be closer to their mouth when they want to eat or get a drink of water it helps put less strain on their neck and back.

A bonus for dog owners is less mess.

No pushing their food bowls around the kitchen floor or spilling food and water by the dish. Raised food feeders are usually made with a platform to catch those little bits that normally somehow would end up in my shoes.


All and all we found the raised bowls great— less mess, happy dogs, look great in my kitchen…it is a win for us. We would encourage you to research more on the different heights available and if a raised feeder is best for you and dog. There are many options and opinions out there, you should just pick what is best for your home.