Meet the Dog Parents



Flag is a handsome Tri-Coloured Black. Even for his small stature he thinks he stands 10 feet tall. He is the boss and he knows it. Flag struts around the house like he owns it and he pretty much gets his way. Even though he acts all tough he is a gentle, quiet and loving boy. The snuggles we receive from our Flag are unmatched. He would be a great therapy dog and WE THINK OF HIM AS OUR VERY OWN THERAPY DOG.


Elly is a gorgeous Lemon. She has a heart for adventure and is curious about everyone. Elly very much enjoys life to the fullest every day. She is playful and comical, she will having you laughing in minutes. Her hugs feel like human hugs as she will wrap her paws around your neck and hold you tight. Elly is a very very smart dog.


Maggie is a beautiful Chocolate and White, she is kind caring and very intuitive, she is natural born mom and loves to play with her puppies, she also likes to romp around in the field with her sister Lu Lu, and loves snuggles with her human, although she is quiet she will let you know if anyone is coming near her family and once she has a sniff and she gives them the go ahead that they are good people she will snuggle them too.


Sophie is an extraordinary Blue Tick. She has exquisite markings and a body for agility. She is calm yet very playful. Sophie is very much aware of her surroundings and will alert us to anything out of ordinary. Like Flag she would be a great therapy dog. She has a great ability to read others energy.