Q: How do I know I will receive a puppy once I have paid for it?

A: Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere. We are a Registered Kennel. We have to keep records for all of our dogs. Also, PayPal has security features in place that protect the consumer. Do not use any of the other online methods to pay. They do not have this protection.

Q: Do your puppies have to be shipped?

A: No, they do not. We will do our best to meet you with the puppy within a reasonable distance..

Q:What is the Best Way to Make sure that the Kennel is not a Puppy Mill!

A: First thing that you will want to do is  make sure they are registered kennel. A kennel cannot be registered without going through certain protocols that insure they are Viable and well operated kennels, we are registered with OEPBR.org

Q: Can we change the name of the puppy from the name it is posted as on the site?

A: Yes, the names posted on the site are for reference only.

Q: What is the average size of your pocket beagles @ Sunset Pocket Beagles?

A: Our puppies grow to average under 12’ tall and 10- 15 lbs. weight depends on diet and exercise. Although we breed genetically small pocket beagles there is never a guarantee as to the adult size of our puppies. Please beware of a breeder that claims to be able to guarantee the adult size of a dog.

Q: Is shipping harmful to a puppy?

A: No, it is actually less stressful on a puppy than a long car ride. Airlines have specially designed live animal rooms on the plane. These rooms are pressurized and are very safe. Airlines that transport live cargo can face a huge liability. They must take great care of your animal.

Q: Do your puppies have any of their shots before leaving for their new homes?

A: Yes! Our Puppies are not allowed to leave without their first set of shots and health check. We give them their first shots at six weeks of age, and our puppies are placed in their forever home at 8 weeks, so they will need more shots,  It will be your responsibility to have a vet appointment booked for shots and health check (no later than age 9 to 10 weeks) this appointment needs to be booked prior to picking up your puppy at 8 weeks. You will also receive a record of all shots administered to the puppies to take to your vet appointment so that you can arrange your continued vaccination schedule with your vet for healthy happy puppy:)

Q: Have your puppies been on a de-worming schedule prior to leaving for their new homes?

A: Yes. Our puppies are de-wormed on a regular basis

.Q: Do you socialize your dogs?

A: Yes. We play with the puppies on a daily basis.

Q: Are Pocket Beagles good with children?

A: Absolutely! These little guys are awesome with children.

Q: What size are your parents that you use for breeding?

A: They range from 10”-11.5”.

Q: Are there a lot of health conditions with Olde English Pocket Beagles?

A: No,  We have no known health concerns to date with our Pockets.

Q: How long have you been raising dogs?

A: We have been breeding Pocket Beagles since 2016. Some of the most rewarding and memorable years.

Q: Does CKC/AKC recognize pocket beagles?

A: No, not yet they only recognize 13” & 15”. The population of the pocket beagle is not high enough for CKC/AKC to recognize the breed, as of yet.


Q: Are Pocket Beagles inside or outside dogs?

A: Either. We have sent our babies to live outside and inside in apartments.


Q: Do Pocket Beagles like other dogs?

A: Pocket Beagles are bred to run in "packs." Packs are groups of beagles. They love to be with other pocket beagles as well as other dogs.



Q: Do Pocket Beagles bark a lot?

A: We have several pocket beagles in our kennel and we do not hear them bark but they bark if their is something to bark at.    We would not refer to pocket beagles as “yappy” dogs.  We have placed pocket beagles in apartments throughout Ontario including many in downtown Toronto  with no complaints.

Q: Are Pocket Beagles hyper?

A: No, they like to play but they also like to just be held and loved. they love to nap in the afternoon and sleep in your bed with you for snuggles.

Q: What colours are Pocket Beagles?

A: Traditional tri-coloured, lemon, chocolate, chocolate and white, chocolate ticked, silver and white, blue ticked. When searching for a Pure-Bred beware***** DESIGNER COLOURS they are usually bred by crossing pockets with other breeds to get brindle/dapple or other unique colouring. These colours are not standard beagle and should be avoided.

Q: What is the history of the Pocket Beagle?

A: Please Info on our page.

Q: Do you offer a health guarantee?

A:. Yes… All puppies are checked by their local vet before going to their new homes. After you receive your puppy at 8 weeks you must take him/her for their next shots and complete health check at 9 weeks to a vet of your choice in order to validate the health agreement. This check-up insures you that you received your puppy in good health. If your vet  finds any life altering congenital defect contact us immediately! We warranty against life altering congenital defects determined by a licensed vet found at the time of the initial check-up.  If your vet determines that this is the case then Sunset Pocket Beagles will replace the dog with a puppy of equal purchase value of the dog that was deemed to have the congenital defect. Sunset Pocket Beagles does not refund money. We do not reimburse for medical expenses or medication. Sunset Pocket Beagles will not validate a health agreement based on any Pet Store Chain or PetSmart check-up.

Q: Are your puppies raised inside or outside?

A: Our puppies are raised in an acclimated kennel. They have doors that the puppies can open in order to go outside, they also have an indoor sitting/play area for play and social time with us and the kids.:)

Q: I found a puppy that I like on your site how do I go about purchasing?

A: We have a screening process, this includes an application and phone or video chat, we do this to make sure our puppies are going to excellent forever homes. Once you are approved we require a $300.00 deposit within 24 hours of committing to a puppy in order to hold the puppy, the remainder of the purchase price must be paid in full 10 days before you pick up your puppy.

Q: Are your puppies potty trained?

A: We would never sell a puppy as potty trained but our babies have an awesome start. They use a doggy door to go outside to do their duty. We get a lot of compliments back on how fast our babies learn the potty training process.

Q: Do you offer breeding rights to your dogs?

A: We currently do not offer breeding rights to our puppies. We require a Spay/Neuter contract when purchasing a dog. Breeding dogs requires a lot of education, time, and experience.

Q: Do you allow Kennel Visitations?

A: Due to the safety of our puppies that are not old enough for their shots, we do not allow visitations, I will however allow purchasers to come for a play date with only the puppy you purchased AFTER his/her first shot, this also depends if we have younger puppies in the kennel at the time as well.  People carry germs and diseases on their hands, clothing, and shoes. Traffic into our nursery subjects our babies (that are not old enough for shots) to these diseases. Many of these diseases can live on a surface undetected for months. Therefore, we cannot take the chance of allowing people to enter our facility and handle our puppies.  The safety of our babies comes first. 

Q: Do you crossbreed your dogs?

A: We are not affiliated with and DO NOT support anyone that crossbreeds a Pocket Beagle with any other breed of dog to create a “designer dog.