Sunset Pocket Beagles

"For The LOVE of Pocket Beagles!"

That's our Motto - we're two friends who love dogs and have been so blessed on this journey. Since first discovering the breed in 2015 and becoming breeders, our lives have been enriched by these little blessings we call Pocket Beagles. We've worked hard and passionately to ensure the safest experience for our Beagles and puppies.  


If someone would have told Janine, she would be an avid Pocket Beagle Fan, she's not sure she would have seen that coming.  While she has always been considered a BIG dog person, she fell in love with these little 'big' dogs. Pocket Beagles are small and mighty. They are little dogs with huge personality and love, and they “Think”... or should we say They “Know: they are the boss of the house. 

The story starts 5 years ago, when Janine fell in love with the breed. In search of one dog, she found three and decided that being a Pocket Beagle mom would even be more fun and that these amazing beautiful fun-loving dogs would be a huge benefit to many families for many reasons, companionship, activity, hunting, sports, agility and most of all mental health and snuggles.
Sunsets puppies soon grew an audience and recognition of being absolutely adorable, (yes, we're bragging dog moms), so we grew and grew, until Janine needed help! 

That's where Kasia came in at almost a serendipitous moment. She is loving, compassionate, fun, and yes - a natural-born Lover of Fur Babies!!
She fit into our family perfectly and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her here.   

Thanks for joining us on our this crazy fun adventure of breeding adorable Pocket Beagles. 

Please join Kasia and Janine in our love of this beautiful breed, and follow us on this journey, there will never be dull moment in the life of Sunset Pocket Beagles.

 - Janine and Kasia